Acrylic on shaped canvas,signed,titled and dated on the reverse., 1964, cm 220 x 180

Private Colection, Belgium
Robert Fraser Gallery, London

Fold over (A 0047)

English painter, sculptor, photographer and printmaker. He studied painting and lithography at Yeovil School of Art in Somerset (1953–7), Guildford College of Art (1957–9) and the Royal College of Art, London (1959–62), where he was one of the students associated with Pop art. Boshier juxtaposed contrasting styles within his paintings, but he favoured topical subject-matter such as the space race, political events and the Americanisation of Europe. In the autumn of 1962 Boshier went to India on a one-year scholarship, producing paintings based on Indian symbolism (accidentally destr.). Returning to England he adopted a hard-edged geometric style, often using shaped canvases, abandoning overt figuration but continuing to allude through form to architectural structures and to the grid plans of cities. In 1966 Boshier turned briefly to sculpture, producing elemental shapes made of perspex and neon, in effect a jazzy version of nascent Minimalism. During the 1970s he experimented with different media, producing photographs, films, collages, constructions, books, posters and record covers. The diversity of this output was unified by his response to contemporary events, his insistence on the social context, his unmasking of the sinister aspects of advertising and his promotion of radical politics. Boshier returned to painting in 1979, and in 1980 he took up a teaching post in Houston, Texas, where he began introducing poignant, sometimes comical, figures into his canvases. Often garishly coloured and rough in execution, these painted observations of human behaviour earned him a new and devoted following.

One Artist Exibition :
Selected solo exhibitions:

2013 "Paris France, Paris Texas, Paris Hilton" Derek Boshier New Paintings, Flowers Gallery, New York.

2013 "Derek Bosier 1962 "
Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles.
(review in Artforum, May 2013 by James Nisbet)

2013 "Derek Boshier Drawings" Large drawings from the Iraq War Series 2004, Chelsea Arts Club, London.
2013 "Paris France, Paris Texas, Paris Hilton" Derek Boshier New Paintings . Galerie du Centre, Paris, France.


2012 "Derek Boshier: David Bowie and the Clash" selection of work made for Bowie and the Clash.
Pallant House Museum, Chichester, U.K.
(Catalogue essay by Paul Gorman).

2012 "The Artist as Film Maker: Derek Boshier"
British Film Institute Theatre, London.
4 films shown and "In Conversation" with William Fowler, Curator of Archives, British Film Institute.

2012 "In Profile" 6 new etchings.
Huguenot Editions, London. Published by Huguenot Editions.

2012 "Derek Boshier: Works for David Bowie and the Clash." Works on paper / paintings / stage set models ).
Pallant House. Chichester. UK.

2011 " Derek Boshier: Heroes and Villans" Springfield Museum of Art, Ohio
(catalogue essay by J. Fitzpatrick Smith)

2011 Artist in Residence. Wittenberg University. Springfield, Ohio, January 2011

2011. "Derek Boshier - In the 70's" Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco.
(see review Art in America, Dec 2011)

2010 "Urban Vex" Etchings and Drawings. Royal Academy Schools Galleries, London

2009 "Extreme Makeover" Collages & Drawings. Ammo Gallery New Orleans, Louisiana.

2009. " Derek Boshier New Paintings " Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles.

2008 (April) "Extreme Makeover"
Flowers, New York.

2007 "Derek Boshier: Works on Paper 1955-2007
Flowers East, London.
2007 "Magazine: New Paintings"
Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco.
2007 "Derek Boshier Oeuvres Recentes" (Recent Work)
Galerie du Centre, Paris.
2007 "Extreme Makeover"
800 Gallery, Monmouth University, New Jersey.

2006 "Pop: Works on Paper from 1962"
Whitford Fine Art, London
2006 "Derek Boshier: All In A Days Work. New Paintings"
Moody Gallery, Houston, Texas.
2006 "Derek Boshier: New Paintings"
Paris Art Fair, (FIAC) Grand Palais, Paris.
2006 "Derek Boshier: Works on Paper 1962"
Whitford Fine Art, London.

2005 "99 Cent War (Iraq) : Installation and Paintings"
Galerie Du Centre, Paris
2005 "99 Cent War (Iraq) : Installation"
The Florence Trust, London

2004 "Shelf Life: Derek Boshier Recent Paintings and Sculptures"
The Athenaeum Music and Arts Library La Jolla, California
2004 Derek Boshier: "Extreme Makeover",
Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco

2003 Derek Boshier: New Paintings -"Books"
Keller & Greene in Los Angeles.
2003 Derek Boshier Works on Paper: A Retrospective 1957–2003",
Weber State University, Ogden, Utah

2002 "Derek Boshier Sports"
F.G.Cozens, Dusseldorf, Germany.
2001 “Derek Boshier”,
Flowers West. Los Angeles.
2001 “Derek Boshier”,
Galerie du Centre. Paris. (catalogue)
2000 “Derek Boshier New Work”,
Shakespeare Fine Art. London. (catalogue)
2000 “Cowboy” Installation, Window Gallery.
St. Martin’s College. Charing Cross Road. London.

1998 “Journey/Israel Project” Installation,
Holocaust Museum. Houston,Texas. (catalogue)
1998 Derek Boshier. Paintings & Drawings 1982-85. Weil Gallery.
Center for the Arts. Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Texas. (catalogue)
1997 “Journey/Israel Project”,
Miskan Le Ormanut Museum of Art. Ein Harod. Israel.
1996 “Derek Boshier”,
Cornerhouse. Manchester, UK.
1996 “Derek Boshier - Recent Works”,
Connaught Brown Gallery. London, UK.
1995 “Derek Boshier - The Texas Years”, (work 1980–95).
The Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston, Texas. (catalogue)
1995 “Three Giants”,
Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas.
1993 “Derek Boshier Drawings 1962-63, 1992-93”,
Independant Gallery. London, UK.
1991 Mandeville Gallery.
University of California, San Diego.CA, USA.
1991 Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas.
1990 “Derek Boshier: New Works”,
Fahey/Klein Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.

1989 “Derek Boshier - Large Paintings and Drawings 1983- 1988”,
Mexicarte Museum. Austin, Texas.
1989 “Derek Boshier”,
Arthur Roger Gallery. New Orleans, Louisiana.
1989 Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas.
1988 Fahey/Klein Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.
1987 Edward Totah Gallery. London, England.
1987 Albert Totah Gallery. New York, NY, USA. (catalogue)
1987 Texas Gallery. Houston, Texas, USA.
1986 Totah-Stelling Gallery. New York, NY, USA. (catalogue)
1985 “The Artist’s Eye”,
Kimbell Art Museum. Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
1985 Edward Totah Gallery. London, England.
1984 “New Drawings”,
Marconi Gallery. Milan, Italy.
1983 “Derek Boshier: Selected Drawings 1960-82”,
Blue Coat Gallery. Liverpool, England.
1982 Traveling exhibition
New 57 Gallery. Edinburgh, Scotland. (catalogue)
1982 “Derek Boshier - The Texas Works”,
The Institute of Contemporary Art. London, England.
1982 “Paintings and Drawings 1981-82”, Robin Cronin Gallery.
Houston, Texas, USA.
1981 “Derek Boshier - Texas Works”, Contemporary Arts Museum.
Houston, Texas, USA.
1981 “Paintings, Drawings and Photographs: 1961-79”,
Museum of Contemporarty Arts. Lodz, Poland.
Traveling exhibition- Palace of Culture. Warsaw, Poland(catalogue)
1981 “Drawings: 1980-81”,
Angela Flowers Gallery. London, England.
1981 “Drawings: 1980-81”,
Graham Gallery. Houston,Texas. USA.

1979 “Paintings and Drawings”,
Angela Flowers Gallery. London, England.
1979 “Drawings and Books for Artists”,
Felicity Samuels Gallery. London, England.
1978 “Events”,
A I R Gallery. London, England. (catalogue)
1977 “Places and Routes”,
Oriel Gallery. Cardiff, Wales. (catalogues)
1977 “Events and Routes”,
Peterloo Gallery. Manchester, England.
1977 “Events and Art Books”,
A I R Gallery. London, England.
1976 “Places”,
Angela Flowers Gallery. London, England.
1975 “Two - About Duality”,
Artnet. London, England.
1975 “Routes”,
Angela Flowers Gallery. London, England.
1974 “54 Drawings”,
Angela Flowers Gallery. London, England.
1973 “Documentation and Work 1959-72” (Drawings, paintings, prints,
notes and films and "Change”, mixed media installation),
Whitechapel Art Gallery. London, England. (catalogue)
1972 “Derek Boshier Documentation and Work”,
Touring Exhibition in Great Britain through to 1973.
1971 Hayward Gallery. London, England.
1970 Nigel Greenwood Gallery. London, England.
1970 “Zeichnungen - Lithographien”,
Galerie Bucholz. Munich, Germany.
1970 Galerie Varennes. Paris, France.

1968 Robert Fraser Gallery. London, England.
1967 “Derek Boshier”,
Galerie Bichofsberger. Zurich, Switzerland.
1965 Robert Fraser Gallery. London, England.
1965 Galerie Aujourd’hui. Brussels, Belgium.

Derek* Boshier