Hand made,signed,dated and titled on the reverse of the box La casa bella di Rosa,Dangelo 1967., 1967, cm.35x21x12

Peccolo Gallery,Livorno.

Dangelo,Peccolo Gallery,Livorno

Dangelo,Peccolo Gallery,Editions Peccolo,published on color.

La casa bella di Rosa ()

, He studied in Milan and abroad - Switzerland and France in particular - moving from an early age through Europe and moved to Brussels, where he lived for several years, coming into contact with the environments surrealists and the Cobra group. In 1943 during a math class at the Berchet High School he performs his first design from "cold stretch and lyrical" according to a definition of the poet Guido Ballo and rapid execution by then it will be a constant in his figurative expression. (Italian Surrealists through the collections of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Electa, 2005) In Belgium attended the representatives of the avant garde, acquiring important elements of culture and thought of those places, all of which have helped to increase its already remarkable and quite evident artist's sensitivity [citation needed]. He founded together with Enrico Baj the Movement of Nuclear Painting in 1951, he is one of the founders of the magazine "The Gesture", organ of the Nuclear Movement, published between 1955 and 1959, but differ around '58. In 1954 he organizes with Asger Jorn and with the patronage of Tullio d'Albisola the International Meetings of Ceramics at Albisola. He participated in the realization of international journals, devoting also to the illustration of books, drawing cartoons for artistic slurs, including "The Three Character Classic of" realized by the Parisian Alain Devauchelle for the Library of Milan Mouth and publishing his texts himself. In the sixties a mature interest in Eastern culture that is reflected in the representations of characters and spellings in the paintings consist of subtle textures and refined influenced by white calligraphies of Tobey. He has also tried his hand in ceramics and in the creation of art jewelery. He has made "hand-mades" in contrast to "ready-mades" Duchamp because the emphasis is on object manipulation rather than on finding within himself. In 1991 he founded the Artistic and Cultural Centre Bludiprussia Albisola Marina with Carla Bordoni, Paola Grappiolo and Daniela Di Marco. The pictorial language of Sergio Dangelo is wanted, poetic, lyrical, clearly surrealistic suggestion, caught and interior. [Citation needed] He has exhibited for the first time in 1951, at the Galleria San Fedele

Sergio * Dangelo