Critical Analysis
With this strong affirmation Susan Sontag , in her novel The Volcano Lover , described the business , set in Naples at the end of the eighteenth century, about the life of the phlegmatic British ambassador Sir William Hamilton, who everyone called 'The Knight'. Melancholy temperament and seconded , the Knight reserved loved his enthusiasm to the arts, science and literature. The Sontag was wondering what to do for the mouth of the Knight of beauty? and answered complacency 'The admire the praise, beautify (or trying to) , expose it , or hide ,' and finally , then 'beauty must be performed' by virtue of the fact that 'beauty can teach you how perform better... [read more]
Collection of padlocks inside stela of glass. dated 1961 25x10x6 cm
30 April 2014
Mixed media on cardboard,cm.132x132, signed, titled and dated 1989 Heizer, 1989
18 February 2014
The Siam Fundatio was established with the primary mission of disseminating 'Kultura'. The 'Kultura' Siam means to show everyone a set of images, embodied in art objects, each of which carries with it a profound cultural content, rooted in an era but perversely present. These images should represent a message in a universal language and cultural aesthetic for each people. Siam look for and collect loads of items significato.non follows fashions and avoids power games. Siam works with all public and private institutions that have as their basic commitment to the dissemination of these ideal of 'Kultura'.
Siam La Fundatio